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Andrew's Pack is more than a company name, it is our life's creed. Behind the inspiration of the very pets that we take care of, live with and have grown to love as family, our company is made up of a close nit group of people who share a common love and consequently express a shared value of elevated servitude towards animals and their owners. We work together to provide professional personalized pet service to meet each pet’s needs making your pet happier and your life more convenient. Andrews Pack is insured and bonded, a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International, and works with various animal shelters across the Philadelphia and South Jersey Area. Our staff is made up of a group of mature and committed professional individuals all certified in pet CPR and trained in pet first aid. We are dedicated to prestige pet care providing a wide range of around the clock reliable pet services while keeping a nonstop open line of communication with all our clients. With hard work, positive energy, and dedication, we make you and your pet our top priority.

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Around the Clock Service

Unlike an other company in the city, we are available for you and your pets needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
(Especially during holidays big and small!)


Professional Mature Experienced Staff

We are not a bunch of college kids just trying to make a quick buck for the semester. This is our life, providing exceptional pet care is our top priority. Taking care of animals is just what we do.


Affordable Rates

Our prices for Professional Pet Care Service in the city can not be beat!
Better yet, we offer little to no fees including no extra cost for weekend or late night visits along with no extra fees for pet medications!!!!!


Not only do we consider ourselves certified professional pet lovers but we also have certifications to back up our confidence as well. We have a number of qualifications and certifications that are already part of our repertoire and are still constantly looking for more ways to gain knowledge about the animals we love, You can never know too much ,especially when aimming to provide the best personalized pet care service that there is to offer. Have any other suggestions to what what we can add to our arsenal? Please let us know!!!


Benny & Bear

"Over the last decade my wife and I have lived in eight cities and employed a gaggle of doggie caretakers. Andrew Pack is hands down the best of the bunch. He treated our beloved, somewhat despotic pugs, Baron Von Bear and Dr. Benjamin Summers ­­ or as they are known to friends, Bear and Benny ­­ as friends and, in turn, they were always exceedingly (embarrassingly?) eager to trot away with him. We'd come back from business trips or vacations and find the boys happier than when we left! We miss his services ver much now that we've relocated to Miami. Trustworthy and flexible, we'd highly recommend Andrew's Pack to any and all dog obsessives. But if my wife and I ever win Powerball, y'all are out of luck: First thing, we'll make Andrew an offer he can't refuse to be a full­time pug­tender!"

Benny & Bear
Shawn, Miami, FL

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