You Wish You Owned Us!

Looking for a big dog with a heart of gold to match? Then meet Bo, a 3 year old docile Cane Corso who not only loves to cuddle but also without a doubt understands the true meaning to what a man's best friend is all about. Bo can only be described as a big baby who loves to play and hang out with anybody who shows him any type of attention. Don't let his kind heart fool you however, he still has a pretty big bark and the stature that comes along with the mastiff breed. They are called the mastiff family for a reason. Still Bo loves all people and gets along with all other dogs big and small. It does not hurt to mention that he is also an expert at laying and lounging around the house making himself comfortable anyway he can. Bo is just looking for a home where he can express his massive amounts of love and affection that comes along with his great presence and loving personality. If you want a dog that looks like a intimidating guard dog but acts like a gentle giant, then Bo is the perfect pup for you. Bo knows love and compassion!

Penelope is an adorable black domestic short hair that was found on the streets of North Philadelphia. She was micro-chipped when found, however when we tried to contact the owner they simply told us to keep her. Penelope is spayed, up to date on her shots, very well liter trained, and is approximately 2-5 years old. She truly enjoys being around people, whether it consist of running in-between your legs as you walk to simply making sure she is always laying in the vicinity of you no matter where you are in the house. Penelope has no problem making herself comfortable on anything that is around you. Yet, despite all of her acts of love and affection towards people, Penelope still does not always love to be pet. She basically enjoys being rubbed when she feels like it on her own terms. So she might rub up against you nonstop and follow you wherever you go, but that does not necessarily mean she wants you to pet her right then and there. Penelope just really enjoys company overall and the more company you give her, the more accepting she is to being pet and rubbed! When Penelope allows you to enter her circle of friends (and of course is in the mood to being pet), behind the ears, on the back of her neck, and her rear end near her tail makes her PURR like no other. Furthermore, Penelope is fearless and enjoys exploring new spaces making her an expert mouse hunter. In her spare time for practice, she loves playing with mouse toys and anything attached to strings. Penelope has been known to act as the queen around the house as well and has a tendency to boss whatever dog or dogs that get in her way. Her favorite activity to do by far still is following people around and rubbing against them in any way she can. If you live with some dogs that need to be put in check and do not mind some extra love and affection from a new four legged friend, then Penelope is definitely the cat for you!



Brooke was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia at 6 months old. Little did the kind samaritan that rescued her know that this stray animal was really a super affectionate dog and a true sweetheart. Brooke is very playful by day and then by night cuddles right up next to whoever she can find to get some well deserved ZZZ's. She loves to play with toys and is a sucker for chasing tennis balls. Brooke is even great on leash, enjoys long walks, and also enjoys the occasional run! Did we mention that she is crate trained as well? Brooke's foster mom fell in love with her so much, that she does not even want to give her up. However, Brooke does not get along with other dogs including her foster mom's other current dog. With all that said still, ¨Brooke loves the kids!¨ Brooke is fantastic around children. Therefore anyone or any family willing to step up and make Brooke an Only pet(dog) as a lovely addition to their home, then Step Right On Up! Brooke is waiting for you....

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