Anna aka Anna Banana is the entire inspiration behind Andrew’s Pack. Originally from Connecticut, Anna came to Philly six years ago and was not too happy at first about her transition from a backyard of wide open wilderness to a city life in a Philadelphia Brownstone. However she quickly embraced her new home once learning that she lived down the street from a dog park where she could go and meet all types of dogs everyday. Since then, Anna has lived with millions of dogs and cats ranging from foster care friends to tons of pet sitting slumber parties. At one point, a summer wouldn’t pass where she did not find and help rescue a litter of kittens in the neighborhood. She has helped keep company endless amounts of cats and dogs that have blessed her with their presence in her home over the years and still welcomes anyone new to hang out with while their parents are away. If Anna had Facebook, she would have a social network of friends larger than Marc Zuckerberg himself. These days Anna can be found lounging in front of fans, air conditions, and anything else that attempts to create an arctic climate feel.

Andrew Pack


Andrew Pack always grew up around animals. However the only animals allowed in his house while growing up were gold fish and eventually a gerbil named Digger. It wasn’t until Andrew moved out on his own while in college that he crossed paths with a beautiful Siberian Husky named Anna. It was love at first sight and her presence in his life reignited his love for animals. Since then Andrew went on to work at a doggie daycare, became a part time dog walker in his neighborhood, volunteered at numerous animal shelters, and rescued dozens of cats and dogs. Eventually Andrew took up dog walking and pet sitting full time caring for all types of animals ranging from dogs to lizards and after three years of hard work formed Andrew’s Pack LLC.


There isn't a dog too big or small that Ryan can not handle. Originally from Manahawkin, NJ, Ryan came to Philadelphia with nothing but his love, passion, and experience with dogs and has grown to become one of Andrew's Pack's top walkers. Ryan has been around dogs his entire life and up to seven years ago was blessed with an introduction of a lifetime, an introduction to a red nose American Pit Bull Terrier named Lexi. His overall experience of living, raising, and forming an exclusive bond with Lexi has not only heightened his love for animals even more but has also helped Andrew's Pack with our quest to provide exceptional service.

Pam Heim

Pam is the definition of what a true pet lover is. Pam has been around all types of animals throughout her entire life. She has such a huge heart that she has traveled across the entire country for years helping animals anyway she can including starting a horse rescue in North Carolina and even joining the relief effort for Katrina survivors (animals & people) down in New Orleans and for Hurricane Sandy Victims in and around her hometown of Long Beach Island. Pam is also the proud owner of four huge Belgian shepherds all with names more interesting than the next. There is no animal that does not quickly if not instantly fall head over heels in love with Pam. We just happen to be fortunate enough to have her part of our family and staff.

Peaches Piechnik

Peaches was just four years old when she first adopted Lassie, a little calico kitten that she found in a cardboard box on the side of the street. Little did Peaches know that this was just the beginning to a long loving relationship that she would develop and express towards to just about every animal she would encounter throughout her life. At the age of 13, Peaches eventually convinced her parents to get a Jack Russel Terrier named Emily. Two years later, a giant cat named Jaq would come into her home. She also did not stop with just taking care of her own pets either. At a very young age Peaches started taking care of her neighbor's animals as well. Since then Peaches has grown to become an active volunteer with PAWS since 2012, is the proud foster parent of a successfully adopted pit named Nicky, worked at a doggie daycare and as a dog walker in Santa Monica, CA, and worked on a private zoo called the Zootastic Park in Troutman, NC. It was there, where she had the pleasure of working with tiger cubs, kangaroos, lemurs, horses, pigs, chickens, and even goats. Did we forget to mention that she also currently lives with two awesome adopted stray cats named Bandit and Otis? It has been said that Bandit just walked right into her house and never left. We wonder Why?