“Not only was Andrew a dependable and experienced dog walker for my Shiba Inu, Kira, but he also provided first-rate care during overnight stays with her. Kira was probably more excited to see him than to see me! Andrew walked many dogs in my apartment building, and he was highly respected by all of his clients – both the humans and the canines J. I would definitely recommend his services.”

Richmond, VA
"We use Andrew's Pack to give Finnegan an afternoon walk while we're at work. Ryan is very knowledgable and accommodating, even in last-minute emergencies. It gives us peace of mind to know that someone reliable is nearby When we can't be. Finn looks forward to spending the afternoon with Ryan and Rocky."

Philadelphia, PA
"When I lived in Center City, it was my good fortune to have Andrew Pack take care of my aging Old English Sheepdog, Emily,including staying over in my apartment when I needed to travel. He was always sensitive to her needs allowing me to have peace of mind whenever I needed to call upon his services. Additionally, Andrew is a really nice guy and a joy to work with."

"Andrew was the best! I always felt safe leaving my 12 year old boxer dog and cat with him when I went out of town. He was so dependable, and caring; coming twice a day for two years to walk Jake, even in the Blizzard! I only wish I could find someone like him now that I have moved away. We miss you Andrew, you are irreplacible!"

"My shiba inu Mochi and I were so happy to have had a wonderful relationship with Andrew and his team - sadly, we moved out of the neighborhood and city, but I can't overstate how exceptional the service was that Andrew's Pack provided in caring for Mochi. I always felt like we were part of a family, not a line item on a list of dogs. We had that experience with some of the other dogwalking services/companies in Philly, and I can say that they don't compare - Andrew's Pack is so much better! I would recommend them to anyone who values personal service from a professional team."

. "Andrew's Pack was amazing for me and Duce for a long time, everything from standard dog walks to long runs a few times a week when work got busy and I needed an extra hand! Service was professional, they were willing to work with me on a flexible schedule, I always had a back-up plan if necessary, and they never left me hanging! With some bad experiences in the past of walkers/runners not showing up, I was happy that this service was different!"

."Over the last decade my wife and I have lived in eight cities and employed a gaggle of doggie caretakers. Andrew Pack is hands down the best of the bunch. He treated our beloved, somewhat despotic pugs, Baron Von Bear and Dr. Benjamin Summers -- or as they are known to friends, Bear and Benny -- as friends and, in turn, they were always exceedingly (embarrassingly?) eager to trot away with him. We'd come back from business trips or vacations and find the boys happier than when we left! We miss his services ver much now that we've relocated to Miami. Trustworthy and flexible, we'd highly recommend Andrew's Pack to any and all dog obsessives. But if my wife and I ever win Powerball, y'all are out of luck: First thing, we'll make Andrew an offer he can't refuse to be a full-time pug-tender!"

Miami, FL
"The service and care provided by Andrew for my dog, Riley, was OUTSTANDING!! Andrew was not only always reliable, on time, and professional, but he also took a personal approach with ensuring Riley was treated as if he was his own. We (Riley and I) miss having him in our lives."

Hoboken, NJ
"Andrew is professional, courteous, punctual, and most of all kind. He has no trouble walking two very large (both 100 plus pounds) dogs for their daily lunchtime exercise. The rates are more than reasonable and the peace of mind that our dogs are safe and cared for is priceless. We highly recommend Andrews Pack!"

"Thank you Andrew for always being available to take care of Juno when we are away for a period of time! We always know we are leaving her in good hands. It's clear she has enjoyed staying with you when we pick her up! Thank you again!"

Philadelphia, PA
"We feel so fortunate to have found Andrew's Pack! As our Rottie is getting older, he has become very resistant to walk with people other than us. Andrew and Pam have worked wonders and it's incredible what positive reinforcement, treats, professionalism and pet-loving hearts can do. Andrew's Pack is AMAZING and we highly recommend them!"

Julia & Bill
Philadelphia, PA
"Andrew is reliable, flexible, caring and trust worthy. I've used Andrew for years to cat sit and he has always taken excellent care of Rory my cat. I have peace of mind knowing that Rory is being cared for and not just fed when I am out of town. She is always happy and healthy when I return home and I highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for animal care."

Philadelphia, PA
"I've known Andrew for two years now and I used his help with my yellow lab (Santiago) for most of this time. Andrew and his pet walking service were always accommodating and caring. There have been many times when I needed to board Santiago on short notice, or needed help walking him evening or weekends when I was on call and Andrew always was available, courteous and kind. Santiago is always excited to spend time with Andrew on a walk or at home. I feel comfortable recommending his services to any of my friends."

Hayan Dayoub
"I know that for most of us our dogs are our baby's. And it's such a comfort to know that you found someone that loves animals and takes pride in what they do. I was so lucky to find Andrew, especially being new to Philadelphia. My baby Rocco was always so happy to see him!"

. "Andrew's Pack always came through for me when I needed them and were reliable. I felt at ease with Andrew, so I knew my cat would as well. He and Amanda took great care of her and I've appreciated their help!"